The Final Piece is the 36th and penultimate story mission in Infamous 2.

Final PieceEdit

Zeke: "Half as long--"
Cole: "--Twice as bright."
―Zeke and Cole, right before activating the last Core.[1]

After retrieving the final Blast Core from the Ice Soldiers, Cole returns to Zeke's roof, slumps onto the sofa beside his friend and asks if he's ready. Zeke answers by explaining that there are two kinds of people, people like him who don't like what happens but can't do anything about it, and then there's Cole. Retrieving the Blast Core from his bag, Cole proposes a toast, and then with his best friend watching his back, he uses the final Core, absorbing the Ray Field Energy before collapsing unconsciously to the roof. The following day, he wakes up and discovers he's regained the ability to call down lightning storms.


  • This mission consists of only a cutscene, and yet is considered a mission as it has its own mission start point. As do other missions such as, Good Gets BetterEasy Going and Ray Field Energy.
  • A somewhat humorous event can happen, is when Cole and Zeke are talking, an Ice gang member can be seen committing suicide off the Ice Tower in the corner of the screen.
  • After this mission, the sky will remain red/orange until compilation of the next and final mission, The Final Decision.


Video WalkthroughEdit

InFamous 2: 36 - The Final Piece

InFamous 2: 36 - The Final Piece

Sources Edit


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