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"The Gangster"

Karmas a B4
Cole speaking to The Gangster.
Full Name: Unknown
Alias/es: The Gangster
Affiliation/s: Solo
Occupation/s: Criminal
Gender: Male
Current status: Unknown (Good Karma)
Deceased (Evil Karma)
Appears in: inFamous 2
"I tracked down a guy used to run the Militia death squads. He's dressed as a civilian, trying to leave town. Think you can handle him?"
— The Gangster handling a mission to Cole

The anonymous recruiter from New Marais only known as "The Gangster" was a character in inFamous 2 providing Evil Karma Side Missions. The Gangster offered several missions to Cole, each providing progress towards the trophy The Cleaner.[1]

The character's fate in the canon timeline is unknown, as Cole would never meet him, although Cole kills him in the evil timeline. [1]


This section is non-canon. All information below this header is not considered a part of the timeline.

The first mission the Gangster offered, Taking out the Trash, was for Cole to kill two brothers spying for the Militia. The second was for Cole to assassinate a Militia officer whom was trying to escape the city.[1] After handing Cole the two previous tasks he eventually betrayed Cole to Vermaak 88. Cole, with aid from Nix, managed to defeat them, and the Gangster was captured by Nix and was later killed at the hands of Cole.[1]

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