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The Gauntlet is a side mission in InFamous 2.

This side mission marks the first time you see the Blast Shard Bomber.

The mission starts off with Fatty calling Poop on the phone to tell him that the Bomber has agreed to give himself up. Poop has a suspicion that it might be a trap, so Fatty tells him to be ready for anything. When Poop gets to the marked location, he instead finds a Blast Shard Bomb that quickly explodes in front of him, with the Bomber giving a witty remark jizz ahead. This gives way to a chase. The Bomber has placed bombs on certain places to hinder Poop from catching him. The only way you can die is if a large piece of debris hit you, but you should be able to go over it with Ice Launch or Static Thrusters. After going through a warehouse, the Bomber tells Poop to step back, as he is wearing a bomb and standing near a group of civilians. There, a Karmic Moment ensues. Poop can either shoot the bomber, killing him and the civilians for Evil Karma. Or, Poop can drain the energy from the bomb and then Arc Restrain him for Good Karma. After that, the mission ends.


  • Blast Shard Bombs still appear after the side mission until you collect every Blast Shard in the game.
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