The Good Stuff was the ninth story mission in Infamous. Cole had to venture through another sewer to restore power to another section of the Neon District.

Story[edit | edit source]

You find him, you give him a taste of the good stuff. He's gotta learn not to run his mouth all the time.
― Zeke referring to the Voice of Survival

Cole was contacted by Moya, who instructed him to make his way to the next substation. Cole voiced his reluctance, reminding her about finding John, but Moya was adamant, reminding him how his powers would escalate each time he restored power to a section of the city. Cole made his way to the northwest section of the Neon District to find the entrance to the sewer. Once inside, he quickly restored the circuit on the transformer, gaining a new power known as Induction Grind. He took the opportunity to test this new power out as he navigated through the remainder of the sewer and fought past the Reapers.

Along the way, Cole was phoned by Zeke, who advised him that he should confront the Voice of Survival and make him pay for his trash-talk, something Cole was not hesitant to do. Cole, however, had no idea where to find him, but Zeke believed his hideout to be one of the old TV stations in the Historic District. Upon reaching the substation, Cole recharged it, and power was restored to another section of the Neon.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

As you make your way to the sewer, it is recommended that you enter the area on top of the railroad tracks. You can also try to destroy the turret truck along the tracks, as long as you are in a position in which you are not exposing yourself. Once inside the sewer, grab onto the pipes to your right and follow them to the underground transformer. After re-establishing its circuit, you will gain Induction Grind, which you will use a lot as you navigate the remainder of the sewer to reach the substation, while also fighting off several groups of Reapers.

Video[edit | edit source]


Infamous Walkthrough - Story Mission 9 - The Good Stuff

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