"The Good Stuff" is the ninth story mission in Infamous.


Waking on Zeke's rooftop, Cole is contacted by Moya who instructs him to head to the next substation. Cole voices his reluctance, but Moya is adamant and reminds him how his powers escalate every time he reactivates a substation. Leaving the rooftop, Cole heads to the northwest of the Neon District, fighting his way through any Reaper troops in his way.

Electric Slide Edit

The Good Stuff 4

Cole fights his way to the substation.

Once in the sewers, Cole quickly restores the circuit, gaining a new power, Induction Grind, in the process.

Making his way through the sewer, Cole has the opportunity to test out his new power as he fights the Reaper troops he encounters. Eventually reaching the substation, he recharges it, returning the power to another section of the Neon District.


  • During the mission, Zeke calls Cole, telling him that he should find the Voice of Survival and "Give him a taste of the good stuff," thus, giving the mission its name.
  • As with all sewer missions, there is a quote spoken by one of the characters that includes the title of the mission.



InFamous 08

InFamous 08. The Good Stuff

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