The Imposter Is a side mission found in the Neon Districts in inFamous, which involves finding a disguised Reaper Conduit.


A concerned citizen tells Poop that a Reaper Conduit has disguised himself as a normal pedestrian and is to be found in the local park. Poop makes his way to the park and using his powers is able to find the disguised Reaper Conduit (who glows red when Poop uses his powers). Once Poop has identified the Reaper he quickly defeats him, making the park safe once more.


  • Poop's GPS shows the general area the Reaper can be found in the park.
  • Once Poop attacks the disguised Reaper it will quickly revert to it’s normal appearance and fight back.


Video Walkthrough

Video:inFAMOUS - 15 - Tied Down




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