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The Informant is a series of side missions in Infamous, which are about a man who discovers a secret about either the Reapers or the Dustmen and is gunned down during an ambush.


Neon District missionEdit

I saw something I shouldn't have and now the Reapers are gunning for me, you gotta help me!!
— The Informant

In the Neon District, Cole is contacted by a pedestrian who is being stalked by the Reapers. He asks Cole to help take them down, but the Reapers ambush and kill the informant. Cole then has to fight a large amount of enemies, which situate themselves on buildings and all around the area. Once Cole defeats them, the Reaper's activity in the area ceases.

The Warren missionEdit

I have vital information about the Transients, follow me!
— The Informant

In the Warren, Cole meets up with a person who says they have information about the Dust Men, and plans on revealing the information to Cole. Before he can reveal the information, the informant is ambushed and killed. Cole then takes out all the ambushers and halts Dust Men activity in the area.

Video walkthroughsEdit

Neon DistrictEdit

InFAMOUS - 09 - The Informant

InFAMOUS - 09 - The Informant

The WarrenEdit

InFAMOUS - The Warren - The Informant

InFAMOUS - The Warren - The Informant


  • It is possible to save both informants; whether or not they reveal the information is unknown.
  • During the Neon District mission, there is a slight glitch in the beginning where Cole talks to the informant, and as the informant is speaking, he is shot down during his speech and unable to finish his sentence, even though he still has a few lines left.
    • This may however not be a glitch, as if you stand in front of the line of the Reaper's fire, you can protect the pedestrian from dying, but doing so will not trigger Cole's line, "Oh, crap."


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