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The Price is a Story Mission in Infamous.


This mission is available the second you enter the Historic District. You first head over to the bridge you destroyed in the first mission. Recharge the panel and the bridge comes down. You then face your first Aura Conduit. After dealing with him you follow your GPS to the electric cage (Powered by a television) where people are being held. Drain the cages electricity to save them. After eliminating the enemies guarding the cage you are given the location of the next one. Drain a couple more cages and you should reach a Karmic moment.


Kessler has suspended Trish from one building and six doctors from another. Bombs are set to go off and drop the hostages to their deaths. You can either climb up to whoever you want to save or shoot whoever you want to die with a rocket. Saving Trish is evil as she turns out to be some random woman and the real Trish is actually one of the doctors. Save the doctors and you get Good Karma and Trish falls to her death. Either way Trish dies.


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