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==Video Walkthrough==
==Video Walkthrough==
<center>[[Video:InFamous 29. The Price|inFamous: 29. The Price]]</center>
<center>[[File:InFamous 29. The Price|inFamous: 29. The Price]]</center>

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The Price is the 34th mission in Infamous.


Our time together is drawing to a close, Cole. And I fear that you're still not ready to face what is coming
— Kessler challenges Cole
The price 1

Recharging the Drawbridge.

This mission becomes available when Cole makes his entrance in the Historic District. John White calls Cole and informs him that it is almost time for them to make their move on Kessler and advises Cole to lower the back to the Neon District so that he might have an escape route. Following the marker back to the bridge that was destroyed when he first gained his powers, Cole charges up the bridge control. After the bridge is lowered
The price 6

Fighting an Aura conduit.

Cole receives a call from Kessler, he informs Cole that their "time together is drawing to a close" telling him that he needed to change and evolve or die, at which point Cole is attacked by a group of The First Sons soldiers and a Aura Conduit.

The Bombs

I know what Trish means to you, how much you love her. Everyone has their price to pay, even her, and that's why she's sitting here next to me.
— Kessler talks to Cole about Trish

Cole is contacted again by Kessler who informs him that Trish was sat right beside him, held captive as a lure for Cole. Kessler also told Cole about several bombs that he had set around the city, surrounded with innocent civilians. Following his GPS, Cole finds each bomb, but must dispatch the First Sons troops before he can drain the electricity to prevent them from exploding, all the while having to listen to Kessler’s taunts.

The Choice

The price 7

The One....

Once all the bombs are disarmed and the citizens saved, Kessler presents Cole with his final challenge, at one end of the district is Trish, bound with a bag over her head, hanging alone from
The price 8

...Or the Many?

a tall building, at the center of the district are six doctors all in the same position as Trish. Cole must decide to either save the woman he loved or the doctors who could save thousands across the city. Both choices required Cole to climb the building and drain a final bomb.

Good Karma Choice. As Cole reaches the top of the building to saves the doctors, Trish’s bomb detonates, sending her plummeting to the ground below.

Evil Karma Choice. As Cole reaches the top of the building he learns that Kessler had replaced Trish with another woman, and placed Trish in the group of doctors on the other building.

The Consequences

Last Moments

Cole and Trish's last moments.

Whatever Cole’s decision Trish falls to her death, with his powers Cole is able to revive her for just a few moments and dependant on his Karma alignment she will tell him one of two things;

Good Karma: Trish tells him that she was proud of his actions and choices for the city and happy to see all the good he had done and she loved him for it.

Evil Karma: In Trish's final moments she said she was ashamed of what he had become, finally dying despising Cole.


  • Cole can shoot at the people being held up by the contraption. This will cause both of the contraptions to explode, dropping all of the hostages and resulting in an automatic evil karma choice as all seven people die.
  • Trish's final words to Cole relate to his Karmatic alignment, not just his choice in this mission.
  • Cole's choice is discussed between Sebastian Wolfe, Lucy Kuo and John White in a Dead Drop found in New Marais in InFamous 2.


Video Walkthrough

InFamous 29

InFamous 29. The Price

inFamous: 29. The Price


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