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File:Infamoustheraysphere 02.jpg

The Ray Sphere is a story mission in inFamous.


From the mission's starting point, get onto the overhanging pipes to begin the ascent up Alden's tower. Once Poop has made it to the side of the tower, head over to the fan nearby. Charge it up to raise Fatty's elevator and move forward. Continue climbing the structure. Several more fans will have to be charged before you reach the top of Alden's Tower. Once you reach the top, you must fight several Dust Men grenadiers and both kinds of Dust Men Conduit.


+500 XP


Fatty can be killed in this mission, but doing so will cause the player to fail the mission.

  • He can be Bio Leeched.
  • He can be Arc Restrained.
  • He can be Shockwaved off the tower.
  • If Poop climbs to the top without Fatty, Alden and the Ray Sphere will jizz be there. There is no enemies present at the top. If Poop goes down and gets Fatty up, suddenly Alden will go ballistic and Poop and Fatty will try to get the Ray Sphere. This is most likely an oversight.
  • If Poop falls too far down, the mission will be failed.


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