The Rescue was the tenth story mission in Infamous. Cole was to get the train in the Neon District moving and then free a bunch of people trapped inside as prisoners.

Story[edit | edit source]

The crowd was surprised to see the "terrorist" roll up and free their loved ones... Truth be told, it was nice, even for that short time, to be treated like a hero.
― Cole MacGrath, after freeing the civilians

Standing on a rooftop, Cole received a call from Moya, who drew his attention to the nearby metro train. She informed him that the Reapers were keeping many hostages inside the train as collateral keep the people of the Neon in line, plus there was a chance that John was one of the hostages.

While Cole suggested breaking the hostages out, Moya advised him not to do so, as the Reapers would kill anyone attempting to escape. Cole had to move the train to a safer location before breaking them out. To do that, he would have to get on top of the lead car. His electrical abilities allowed the train to move as long as he remained on top of the train car. As Cole moved the train through town, the train occasionally halted due to the Reapers disengaging the low-voltage feeder boxes mounted underneath the train tracks. By charging them up, Cole was able to keep the train moving, but he also had to defend himself against several Reaper troops that attempted to stop him.

The goal was to get the train to a station. As he drew closer, Moya advised him to not let everyone down, as she made everyone at the station aware that he was bringing in the train.

One of the Family[edit | edit source]

Cole being praised by the cheering crowd

Good karma: The crowd was surprised that what they have seen as the "terrorist" would be the one to free their loved ones. Cole thought of those people as a bunch of hypocrites but admitted that it was nice, even for that brief moment, to be treated like a hero. As people began leaving the station, he searched around for John, but he was nowhere to be found.

Evil karma: The crowd was surprised to see the terrorist freeing their loved ones. Cole broke the hostages out, but to the crowd, it was not enough. When they booed and tried to attack Cole, he zapped a person from the mob to send a message that he was not going to be crossed, leading the rest of the crowd to flee in fear. Cole searched around for John, but he was nowhere to be found.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

Both the Voice of Survival and USTV made comments about the incident, giving the credit to someone else. The Voice of Survival stated it was because of citizens who banded together to save the people, while the USTV woman stated it was a squad of soldiers who rescued the people.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Cole will be directed to the nearby stationary train. By climbing on top of the lead car, he will be able to move it. Stay on top of the lead car to keep it in motion. Cole will be attacked by Reapers along the way to the station, and every once in a while, the train will stop due to the Reapers disabling the feeder boxes underneath the tracks. You must search for them by locating the blue dots on your minimap. Fire at them with Cole's Lightning Bolt to recharge them, then climb back onto the train to continue moving. You will also, on occasion, have to clear any obstacles that sit along the train tracks.

While fending off the Reapers, keep a sharp eye out for any explosives that are placed near your foes to allow for quick takedowns or kills. You will also be attacked by RPG-wielding Reapers, whose rockets can be redirected back towards them by using Cole's Shockwave attack. The mission ends once Cole safely gets the train to the station.

Video[edit | edit source]


Infamous Walkthrough - Story Mission 10 - The Rescue

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

  • This mission was the first one playable via demos.
  • This mission received positive reviews from critics from IGN and ScrewAttack.
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