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"The Test" was the twelfth story mission in Infamous: Second Son.


Delsin traversed a large bridge full of shipping containers and D.U.P forces. After fighting through the forces, he came face to face with a large D.U.P conduit created by Brooke Augustine.

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Upon starting the mission, you'll be equipped with Smoke instead of Neon. You must make your way through the shipping containers, but also steer clear of the turrets. It is recommended that your destroy them by sneaking around them and disabling them from the rear. You can also use Smoke Dash to avoid their fire. Once all turrets are disabled, head to the gap in the bridge where the checkpoint is. Use the car to launch yourself across the gap and take down the enemies here. After taking out the guards, you'll then be walking into another one, which involves four agents that use concrete shields as defense. You can either stay on the bridge checkpoint or get up close and fight them. Should you decide to fight them up close, make good use of your Smoke Dash ability to dodge their attacks, and when appropriate, lands some powerful melees on them.

Once all four of these brutes are down, you'll then face against an more powerful enemy. Placed around this area are neon lights, which you can drain to gain your Neon powers. These are the powers you'll need to defeat this enemy. This enemy will attack by hurling two large stones at a time. Take cover behind the stationary rock structures and pay attention to his attacks. On occasion, the enemy will pause for a moment before engaging you again. This marks your opportunity to land some attacks on him. If possible, try to use your Phosphor Beam attack on the guy. You do that a few times, and you'll finish this battle sooner than later.

It's very important to note that shooting his concrete rocks do no damage, neither does shooting at his base. You must score a hit directly in his body or head. The best method here is to keep the large stationary rocks in front of you and then back away, taking the opportunity to fire over the top of them to land some decent hits. After scoring a few hits on him, tuck yourself deep behind the structures and let him execute his attack. Try to repeat this same process until he is defeated. Once this mission is complete, you'll have access to the Lantern District.



InFamous Second Son 12 - The Test