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Heard some Militia man likes to collect Blast Shards, I dunno where he's at, but his wife's over at the park. Let's go pay her a visit.
― Nix telling Cole how to get the Blast Shards.

The Third Degree is an evil side mission found in Infamous 2.



Still here, stupid? I told you where to go, and yet you stand around, just as clueless as before!
― Nadine taunting Cole.

Nadine, Arc Restrained by Cole.

Meeting up with Cole, Nix explains how she found one of the Militia collecting Blast Shards. She adds that she doesn't know where the Militia member is, but his wife, Nadine, is in the park.

Cole, followed by Nix, tracks down Nadine and Arc Restrain her. In her rage, she taunts Cole and tells him that what he's looking for is in a courtyard not far from where they are.

The Mission[]

You! You murdered my poor Nadine! I'll kill you!
― Nadine's husband yells at Cole, before the fight starts.

Fighting off the Militia.

Heading to the courtyard, Cole and Nix find a packet of Blast Shards, which is guarded by one Militia member. If Cole decided to spare Nadine, the mission will end upon picking up a packet.

However, if MacGrath decided to execute woman, Cole and Nix will get surrounded by a group of Militia members, lead by Nadine's husband, furious with the pair for what they did to his wife. Fighting together, Cole and Nix quickly defeat the Militia.


Upon completion, Cole receives 100 XP and slightly reduces enemy activity in New Marais. Also, he becomes a bit more villainous.


  • When you Arc Restrain Nadine and get what you want out of her, you can also kill her by shocking her and get 20 XP Evil Karma bonus, called Intolerant. However, this will make mission significantly harder at the end.
  • Even if one doesn't kill Nadine, the Collector will still state "You murdered my Nadine!"