• I felt it would be better to have the news posts on the news forum. Any news and links relating to InFamous in general can go here. As before, no chatter or discussions, any such posts will be deleted.

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    • For everything Second Son, keep it locked here

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    • The next gameinformer exclusive on Second Son is unlocked today. Click the link above to check it out.

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    • Sucker Punch has confirmed their presence at E3, along with the presence of I:SS. In addition, they answer some popular questions about Second Son.

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    • E3 Expo 2013: information as follows (at least what I picked up)

      - Delsin has older brother, with the anti personality of Zeke, but continuing the same role (this throws away the Cole's brother theory)

      -Vents are the new induction grinds

      -"Static Thrusters" make a return

      -Cars look to be one hit with bolt

      -Delsin seems to think the powers are in fact a good thing and embrace them

      If there's anything else, or if you want this in different forum let me know

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    • His new jump to the sky fly, then drop down like a hammer.

      His ability to (mental drain/bio leech/memory thingmajih) where he grabs the enemy's head

      They also adapted the Festival of Blood Swarm attack, the one where you fly at the enemy and beat them...

      Infamous, you seemed to be heading to a great start.

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    • Ccnitro
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      Not news frankly
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    • I'm not sure if I made it clear, but this is only for official major news that has a clear source. Links, videos, and screenshots only please.

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    • I had done mine because I didn't feel it was right for a non-admin to post news, so I moved it here until the news was made. Sorry Red

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    • It's fine, this thread didn't really work out anyway. Any major news will get a large news blog and the minor things end up on the other threads.

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