• Can you make more abillity pages for video, concrete, etc.?

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    • Uh, yeah, I can. Just like every contributor on this site, including you. I'll probably get to something eventually, but for now, I have other things to do.

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    • Sure. I just have no idea how to do it and you did the whole subdue and execute pages.

      But no big deal and no rush. 

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    • Just go with the Power Infobox template, and put it at the beginning of an article. Here it is:

      {{Power Infobox
       |image_caption = XXX
       |mission gained = [[XXX]]
       |location obtained = [[XXX]]
       |attributed to = [[XXX]]
       |upgradeable = XXX
       |appears in = [[inFamous: Second Son]]
       |image = XXX}}

      Replace XXX with proper details, like I did with subdue page, for example:

      {{Power Infobox
       |image_caption = Delsin subduing the looter.
       |mission gained = [[Parting of the Ways]]
       |location obtained = [[Scully Trail]]
       |attributed to = [[Smoke]], [[Neon]], [[Video]]
       |upgradeable = Yes
       |appears in = [[inFamous: Second Son]]
       |image = Delsin subduing the looter.png}}
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