• Hey man, Tuna and I are debating whether or not to remove the spoiler tags from the InFamous 2 articles. We need you and Red to be the deciding factors in our little scuffle here. I say since the game is over a year old, if you haven't played it, and you click the mission "you haven't played yet" it's your own damn fault. While Tuna thinks we should be courteous to the few people who haven't played InFamous 2.

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    • It isn't really just inFAMOUS 2- it's everything in general. Just because a game has been out for a year or longer doesn't mean spoilers don't apply; I still haven't seen The Avengers and I'd be upset if I ran into a spoiler by accident.  I just want the wiki to at least be professional enough to respect the feelings of people who haven't yet played the games.

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    • It can be a good question, as we encountered on the Sly Cooper Wiki a while back. The decision we made over there was effectively the whole wiki is a spoiler pit, and if we were to keep spoiler tags, it would then become a debate on which pages deserve spoilers. We found it easier to just take out individual spoiler tags altogether and just post a notice on the wiki saying that spoilers exist on this wiki; read at your own risk.

      "Note: This wiki covers information about the Sly Cooper series, and as such may contain spoilers."

      We've been doing it on the SC Wiki for a while now and I would say that it's worked so far. We've given the disclaimer on the main page so if someone walks into a spoiler, it's not the wiki's fault because of said disclaimer.

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    • It's very situational but it's still the same. If a page contains information that would spoil the story, the spoiler tag is needed. I like Shrev's idea about a general spoiler tag although it really depends on the topic of the wiki itself and how much it's story-driven.

      and Loki makes the Hulk attack the rest of the Avengers so he could escape and take the staff

      sorry :$

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    • Well, since everything about inFAMOUS is really all about the story- a general spoiler tag would work a lot better.  To be honest, though, a small amount of gray text on the front page won't really solve the issue.. But, we should just consider it a placeholder until someone makes a front page specifc box.

      And on the plus side.. I have no idea what the staff is, so I'll probably forget about it in the next few weeks. (I hope to Ra)

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    • Hey all,

      I just wanted to get back to you on the whole Spoiler thing. While I do think having a spoiler template on every page on this wiki (or almost every page, etc) is a bit overkill, it's certainly reasonable (and probably recommended) to have it on upcoming content (if there is any) and recently released stuff. "Recently released" should probably mean no earlier than the past six months, I'd say.

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