• 1.) "Any wiki that has Chris6d is lucky. He will straighten up any wiki and get it back in line with the universe. This wiki is clearly not in line with the universe" What do you mean by that?

    2.) On your profile, please remove your "status" as a Bureaucrat, as you are not one.

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    • IMO he can say whatever he wants as long as his edits are acceptable. If he wants to say that this wiki is "not in line with the universe" (wtf?), then that's fine and is considered an opinion or more likely humor. But Jim, it's better for you to remove the Bureaucrat status from his profile since this really isn't a request; it has to be removed.

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    • I didn't say he couldn't say what he wants on his page, I was only asking what that means.

      And I already removed his "status" as a Bur.

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    • A FANDOM user
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