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    01:24, March 3, 2017

    So, what can he control as a conduit?

    Can he control DNA, Organic material?

    What can he control exactly?

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    • Who exactly is Joseph? There are many Josephs. Need to be a little more specific.

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    • We both know that you know which Joseph he is referring to.

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    • Well I haven't played inFAMOUS in about a year, so I kinda forgot. But now I look at the topics for this thread and it says Joseph Bertrand III. So I guess it's that Joseph.

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    • He can manipulate chemical energy, everything classified as living is a mass of chemical energy.

      His power is logically using chemical energy to stimulate mutative function in the DNA, so to get anything other than a couple of groteusque monster bug things he'd need to bury his nose into a book on biological chemical compounds.

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    • This thread is kinda old, no need to keep reviving it. I know on other wikis, you can be blocked for that. But I guess not this one.

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