• Okay, originally Mastermiine posted his thread to the inFAMOUS Wiki Forums, but something went wrong with the colors and it was unreadable. If he didn't plagiarize it, it looks like he put a lot of work into it, so I thought I'd help him out. Also, there is an important note at the end of the post. So below is Mastermiine's original work, and although it's long, this is what he wrote (below the line):

    "Just a heads up, this will contain spoilers for all The main games, and the DLC. I am not going to use the black out bar as this whole post is one giant spoiler. If you have not yet finished the series I really recommend you play the series. Its a great series, and one of my favorites to this day. I call my self an inFAMOUS fan boy, and I'm proud. Also this just me typing. (Forgetting the expression) and will most likely have editing and grammatical mistakes. If that bothers you then by all means stop reading. Though, if you are an inFAMOUS fan boy like me, I suggest you read through, how long this may ever be and see where my opinions lie. I would love to have a dialog with you guys about this. One last disclaimer. Its been awhile since I played the games. I have been wanting to go back to it for a while, but with time, and other games... it just got pushed back so I am using my memory. Ok here we go.

    So Second Son. The game that tried to pull itself from the first 2 (FOB cannon BTW?) . The developers wanted new players to also enjoy the experience so they tried to not bring up the events that happened with Cole, the beast, ect. Ok, so I wouldn't mind if it was written well.... But, it wasn't. We all know by interviews by the developers that "the Ray Sphere did not actually kill all conduits and some had actually survived". While that does take away from the Major impact of Cole's sacrifice maybe they got something up their sleeve. They retcon the impact. While annoyed by hearing that I trusted that the developers had something up there sleeve. Then more reports came about how conduits who where more faraway from the blast had survive, while others had not. This worries me. They where telling us this rather then having the game and its story tell us. Though I thought they just told us to shut us up. My Intuition was telling me "No this can't be, there has to be a reason why they survived." Then comes the game. Anti conduit Propaganda and the fear of being a conduit among many. Though explained in the game, I felt it wasn't explain to the full extent. Aug. (for short) wanted to control conduits and lock them up.

    She showed people they were monsters and gained supporters. Even after what Cole did. (Yes a Hitler-esc) type of thing, but really. How could that propaganda spread so much, I wanted more back story into this--- but back on topic. Delusion gets powers. Not this cool Origin story like many others, but he got it naturally. Not some scientific way, or blast ect. But naturally awoke. "Ok well everyone is different, but how? I thought they where dead." Then we find out that Fetch, Hank, Eugene all just "awoke there powers". If the conduit gene should be gone and people with it should be dead, then how are these people "Naturally" awaking them. Its not some forced thing that happened through some secret agency. They just got it. Fuck I don't even think they even said the words "conduit gene". (Again haven't played in a year and a half). Excluding Coles legacy ( Ill get to that later). And thats it with the game. Its just Delsin Getting revenge on Aug. Now really science, si-fi or that mysterious vibe the 1st 2 games had.

    What made the 1st games so great was that mystery behind it. "The 1st sons", "they ray spheres", all the many government organizations clashing together, a big explosion that destroyed the city, time travel ect. The 2nd game even carried over that lore. It still had that 1st son connection. The rayspher. The blast cores. The RFI. All these human made products. Thats what I loved about that concept. All this was human made shit, by people who try to play God and created Superhumans. Good and Evil. Its that old folk tail of the Frankenstein concept on why we don't play God. But everything was connect still. Kessler was mentioned through out the game, and in away was part of the plot. John came back. A second ray sphere came back, (I believe the 1st sons where mentioned also). All these science stuff was part of the plot. And it was really fascinating. The game really had that Humanity vibe. Even thought they had powers, they had humanity.... (Another runoff sorry)..... then comes the second son. I had high hopes.

    "Second Son" Such a powerful title, with so many missed opportunities. We could have had a Rebirth of the First Son's. Hell, even the log "O" in son looked like a ray sphere. Fans constantly speculated that was going to be a plot point. But they missed it. No more of that government lore. No more of those organizations. Hell, I could care if they broke up the organizations. But There wasn't even any dialogs regarding what happened. Ok you can make the argument that non of the characters knew, but thats what a majority of the fans loved. (Can't speak for all.) I don't even they said Coles name once. (Excluding the DLC). They left out all this science fiction stuff that added to the mystery to the game. Im not saying for them to rinse and repeat. But at the same time not play it safe and not do anything.

    Take a risk, if new players are confused, then that would give them the reason to play the original games. Then comes Augustine's origin. It is presumed that she got her powers from the beast, in the fight in new Marias but nothing was ever brought up. Non of it. No cole, no beast, no blast, no fight. Just "Hint hint wink wink" Biggest FU in my book. Now comes Cole's legacy. We get these bad ass background info, we find out that its possible that the plague had a mutation and gave people powers. Zee starting this pro-conduit group ext. Like really? I wish that was the plot of the game. That mutation fascinated me in a heartbeat. Though that was it. Nothing more. Thats all they left it. If the game had followed that plot I'm sure many people would have enjoyed the story more. But was restricted to that 1-2hour dlc. All because the developers wanted to keep it easy to understand for new players....

    Now, Im not trying to criticize the developers, or be hateful about it. I love infamous, and I have major respect for the developers. Thought this my opinion of the game, and what left me disappointed about it I hope this wasn't to long for you guys to read, and I hope you guys read the whole thing. I apologize if I sounded redundant at some points. Please comment below of what you guys think.

    P.S: Did the game ever go more into detail about that audio log where that person who got arrested form Delsin's village who warned he will come?"

    Okay, now this is the end of what Mastermiine wrote, but WolfLord315 has blamed Jim Logan for blocking him because he thought he was a bot. Is this true? I don't know, but he's brought it up on Community Central, so you guys can guess. Happy posting, and check out some of my other work. Chris6d talk ? contribs 22:03, August 29, 2016 (UTC)

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    • Chris, you shouldn't be discussing blocks where they shouldn't be. Asking the entire community over the judgement of a user who made several empty edits, and just sat on chat doing nothing pointed to him being a bot. I made a mistake. Case closed.

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    • Have not been on the wiki in like forever. It's not plagiarize. Hahah I promise on that one. Though I notice some mistakes I had made. (whoops) lol. 

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