• Wasn't 100% sure if this is the right place for a broad question like this, so I thought this would be the best guess.

    I've noticed that when it comes to InFAMOUS characters, ages and birthdays, there isn't a lot of information. I find myself asking the question of "What are the signs of the major InFAMOUS characters?" I know it's a silly question that can have many answers, but I've tried answering the question myself and I find myself struggling.

    When you have developed charaters with complex personalities, it can be challenging to fit them into the cookie-cutter molds that, unfortunatly, many soruces tend to potray the signs to be. Doubly so if we are talking about the main characters, Cole Macgrath and Delsin Rowe, who not only have the complex personalities, but also the karma-driven personality shifts as well.

    I thought I'd reach out to the InFAMOUS wiki community with my inqury and see what you guys can come up with! Silly question or not, it will still be fun to see what people say and the conversations that follow.

    Have fun! :3

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    • Problem is we don't exactly know any of the characters birthdays... only vagueness regarding their years.

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    • I know there's that vagueness, but my thinking was if one were to line up a close personality match to a sign, it might give some speculative boundries of where their birthday might be. Might be weird train of thought, but hey. It's a bit of fun and can open up some interesting dialoge.

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    • Fetch is Pisces

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    • Idk

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    • A FANDOM user
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