• Hello everyone. Ive been reading some articles on thiss site called Vsbattles wiki.Its a creative site where people list characters and their powers then hold debates of who would in a fight. Anyway, when I looked at all the characters from infamous, it said their powwer let them use something called Macro Quantum.

    It was described as being the power to break apart, aabsorb and control ambient matter and energy. It was apparently how John White was able to reform himself and tamper with other people powers, but the concept got me thinking that this may be the SINGLE source of all the powers Conduits have. 

    For example, their enhanced strength and durability could be because of aassimilated molecules adding to their natural mass. Shapeshifting would be due to subconscious restructuring of their own molecules, being able to heal people would be due to them breaking their elements down at the molecular level then being transferred to the target and enemies being turned into smoke and neon is due to them being transmuted like turning a person into salt.

    But what do you guys think?

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