• If Cole MacGrath were to return to the InFAMOUS Canon Storyline in a future sequel, how would you like to see him return?

    1. The original Cole MacGrath being revived by the lightning bolt at the end of InFAMOUS 2

    2. A clone of Cole MacGrath created by the First Sons (similar to the Force Unleashed 2)

    3. Evil/Beast Cole travelling from an alternate universe/timeline and becoming the main antagonist.

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    • Either cloning or some serum bringing back Cole.

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    • Number 3 is the only one that Makes sense as in Kessler's timwline he showed Cole a vision where there was Ice too. Either forwshadowing that the Beast was ablw to control Ice or workong with someone who couls control ice (Kuo).

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    • We need to have a petition to bring cole back theres so many unanswered questions. What happened to moya. What are the first sons where did Aldin tate go. We need to bring him back they killed a really good franchise but we can save it. We can be the voice and bring our cole back

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    • A FANDOM user
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