• Hello everyone! I am Stills2002 and I had made a Discord Server about the Infamous Universe roughly about a year ago. Sadly, that one was ruined by the likes of trolls and my inexpirience with making Discord Servers. I am pleased to announce though after much time constructing this server, I am pleased to announce that the new Infamous Community: Revamped Discord Server is now live! 

    Within this server are all sorts of discussions, polls, and activities for those who love the Infamous series. It also includes reaction roles and YOU members can be recognized for being an Official Wiki Contributor within the server! All you have to do after you click the link below is go into the rules channel under Rules and Regulations; react to the Verification notice at the end of the rules and you are freely able to enjpoy the new server at the power of your fingertips! 

    There is also a Wiki category designed to help and connect those within the Wiki Fandom to further strive to make it even better than it is as of now! The link to the server is displayed below, if you have trouble trying to get into the server, let me know so I can post a new link! I hope to see you all within the server and look forward to working with you!


    P.S. If I am not on right away to assist you, I ask that you would wait so I can help you out!

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