It's amusing to see how you lot responded to my messages. And I think I can rest easy now, based on your responses.

You see, my return here wasn't permanent. It was just an experiment to see just how much you lot care for this wiki; the wiki I've unfortunately abandoned. I wanted to see how you, Putowtin, and the rest of the people left within the confides of this wiki, would react to the surprise return of a vengeful, overzealous, and half-insane dictator with no regard for the people he once entrusted. You see? It was all a lie. I meant what I said about the deletion of PlayStation Battle All-Stars, but anything else beyond that was a facade, put on by a bored retiree.

Don't you just love the sociopath in me? I've done this alone, no one else knows about it. If I wanted to return, I would have told you lot outright. But I don't. Wikia isn't for me anymore. Time has left me, and I have to catch up. There may come a time where I will return, but it is not this day. For now, you can return to whatever it is you were doing without me.

Believe what you want to on what I've written on this post, I can assure you I mean every word.

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