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This article is about Thug. For the next rank, see Outlaw.
This article is about Thug. For the last rank, see Infamous (rank).

Thug is the first rank of Evil karma. At this rank, the citizens will begin to disrespect Cole MacGrath and Delsin Row.


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Cole at Thug rank in inFamous


These people are starving. Now you stolen the only food they've seen in weeks.
― Trish on Cole's first evil decision

By the way, didn't want to say anything before, but you're starting to look different. Dark, twisted, that kind of thing. It's not good for your complexion, brother.
― Zeke noting Cole's evil nature

In Infamous, the Thug rank unlocks the first tier of Evil Karma powers. Citizens will show disrespect to Cole, but rarely attack him. Cole will automatically be set to this rank should he decide to keep the food in the mission "First Glimpse."


Cole's jacket will become more dirty. He will get very transparent black markings on his neck, and his hue will become slightly paler. Cole's electricity will get a white and red color.

inFamous 2


Kuo scolds Cole for his actions in inFamous 2

Cole at Thug rank is getting scolded by Kuo.

But I'm not human! Am I? Not anymore. You don't know what it's like, but you're right. I do have powers, and I'll use them.
― Cole MacGrath on Kuo's disagreement


Cole at Thug rank during a fight.

In Infamous 2, the Thug rank will unlock the lowest rank of Evil Karma powers. It also unlocks the Bystander Bonus boost which grants Cole one experience point for every pedestrian he harms. The citizens of New Marais will disrespect Cole and occasionally attack him.

This rank can be unlocked in the beginning of the game by importing an Evil Karma inFamous save or by blowing up the swamp village when entering New Marais.


Cole's T-shirt will get worn out and dirty. He turns slightly paler, and his tattoos will also look more dark and evil, representing toughness and raw strength. Cole's electricity will get an orange and red color and the Amp will start to rust.

inFamous: Second Son


Reaching Thug rank in inFamous Second Son

Reaching a Thug rank in inFamous: Second Son.

Piss off!
― Delsin to Augustine

In Infamous: Second Son, the Thug rank is achieved after Delsin refuses to speak to Brooke Augustine. He seems to become more selfish in his actions, as shown after the talk with Augustine, when he told Betty "Tell them thanks for taking one for the team" and suddenly walks away from a shocked Betty.


Delsin's appearance will remain the same, with the exception of the logo on his jacket having tilted to the left; in favor of the bird representing negative karma.