Thunder Drop

Cole performs a Thunder Drop in inFamous 2.
Mission gained: First Glimpse
Location obtained: The Neon
Attributed to: Electrokinesis
Upgradeable: Yes
Appears in: inFamous
inFamous 2

Thunder Drop is one of Cole's super powers. Cole jumps from a high place, charges his body with electricity, then hits the ground at full force, sending a shockwave of energy in all direction to all enemies.

It's been theorized that Cole, while in mid air, collects the natural electrons from the atom particles of normal air. The longer he stays in contact with the wind during his fall, the more electrons he gathers and the more damage the move does when it hits the ground.



Concept Art of Cole performing a Thunder Drop onto a vehicle.

Thunder Drop is mainly used to finish group of enemies below while you are on the top of a building or simply a platform. Since Thunder Drop has large area of effect, it should be used very carefully if you are at a Good Karma rank since it is most likely that it can injure or kill civilians around you. The longer you stay in air/the longer time you take to charge up the drop the more damage you can produce.



  • Required Rank: N/A
  • Cost: 800 XP
  • Description: Increased blast range


  • Required Rank: N/A
  • Cost: 1300 XP
  • Description: People and objects caught in the blast are electrified


  • Required Rank: N/A
  • Cost: 3200 XP
  • Description: Increased blast force


Thunder Drop

Evil Cole MacGrath, performing a Thunder Drop.

  • This attack's name could be a play on the move "Thunder Flop", which is an attack used by Murray, a character from the Sly Cooper series.
    • InFamous 2 has a Trophy named Thunder Flop, earned by performing a Thunder Drop from the top of the Ice Tower, landing on the ground.
  • Because of its destructive nature, this power is best suited for an evil playthrough or for crowd clearing.
  • This power can be used horizontally using trains and grinding.
  • You can stop Thunder Dropping by simply using the Static Thrusters in mid-air.
  • Several stunts involve the Thunder Drop, such as using the Lightning Bolt ability to soften an enemy up and finishing it with a Thunder Drop, and also finishing off an Infantry Conduit using the power.
  • There is a Trophy named Drop Everything for Thunder Dropping for at least 500 meters.
  • An advantage of Thunder Drop is using it with the Polarity Wall.
  • In Infamous 2, the Amp is used while subsequently performing the Thunder Drop.
    • Also, when performed in a lower altitude, the Thunder Drop action will be changed to Cole simply slamming the Amp onto the surface.
    • In early footage of Infamous 2, when Cole used the Amp in conjunction with the Thunder Drop he appeared to stab the Amp into the ground, though in the final version of the game this was removed for some unknown reason.
    • Cole uses the thunder drop from the first game twice in inFAMOUS 2, first in the beginning when jumping off the boat, and the second in the mission Desperate Times.
  • Nix has an attack similar to Thunder Drop where she teleports to the air and then hits the ground, sending a wave of napalm instead of electricity, in all directions. She uses the attack on Cole in the evil ending of inFamous 2.