"Tough Collar" was a Good karma side mission in Infamous.

Objective[edit | edit source]

Can you capture him for us? We need him alive
― Empire City Police Officer.

Asking for help.

Cole encountered an Empire City Police Officer who told him about a Reaper Conduit that the police force have been trying to “bring down.” He asked Cole to capture the Reaper, giving Cole an opportunity to try out one of his new powers, such as Arc Restraint.

Restraining the Conduit.

Cole quickly managed to track down the Reaper Conduit, who had a gang of regular Reaper troops accompanying him. After taking down the Reaper troops first, Cole made his move on the Conduit, making sure to only knock him down. He was to only restrain him so the police would have the opportunity to interrogate him later.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This mission is a failure if the Reaper Conduit dies.
    • Getting a Head Shock take down instantly kills any enemy in InFamous, so it's easy to lose the mission by aiming at the head.
  • An Experience points reward for Arc Restraining a Conduit (from any gang) shares this mission's name.

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