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Train in the Neon District

Several trains appeared in Infamous, serving as a form of transportation in Empire City. Each of the three districts had one train.

They were a key feature of the city, with two per district, running in opposite directions to each other. They were the fastest way of moving around the city. Initially, the trains across the city were not working but Cole reactivated the first one during the mission "The Rescue" and the rest during the series of side missions "El Train."


  • If standing for too long on the tracks, it's possible to be hit by a train, causing you to go flying and lose a significant amount of health, or cause you instant death.
  • The trophy "Casey Jones" is awarded for taking down 25 enemies while riding the train. "Electric Hobo" can also be earned by staying on the train for a certain amount of time.
  • There are no trains in New Marais (besides the inactive trains, the train yard, the trolley and the minecart tracks in the Catacombs in InFamous: Festival of Blood).
  • Trains return in Infamous: Second Son in the form of monorails.
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    A glitch can be achieved from riding the train. While on top of the moving train, if one jumps to the approaching train on the other side, Cole may not land on the train, and instead fall through the ground, eventually to the point where the ground of Empire City is above you (giving the player a sense of infinitely falling).