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"Trash the Stash" was the eleventh story mission in Infamous: Second Son.


Delsin met Abigail on a rooftop near a harbor. The mission here was the destroy the three boats in the harbor. Before they could do that, Delsin had to search the boats for any drugs and captured civilians. When the coast was clear, Delsin had to tag each one so that Abigail would know which ones to hit. Once Delsin tagged all three boats and freed the hostages, he fought his way back to the rooftop where Abigail waited.

From there, Abigail unleashed her powers on the boats, blowing them up in the process. After that was accomplished, they discovered a truck making an escape with the rest of the drug supplies. Delsin followed the truck from the rooftops, and once it stopped in an alley, he had to defeat some enemies before he could open the back door and free the captured women.

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Upon meeting with Abigail on the rooftop, you'll be tasked with heading towards the harbor and searching the house boats for a dolphin symbol. Upon finding one, you must then check to see if there are any drugs around. After you find the drugs aboard the first boat, you must tag it for Abigail to know which one it is. After that, head for the next boat. You'll hear shouting coming from the door. Open it to release a captured woman, then tag the boat and head for the third one. You'll be freeing another woman here. Find the drugs, then tag this boat.

Once all three boats have been tagged, you must fend off against several drug dealers as you make your way across the street. Once the area has been cleared, meet up with Abigail on the rooftop. From there, she'll blow up the boats. It doesn't end here, as you'll now have to follow a truck escaping with the remaining supply of drugs. Using the neon sprinting ability, follow the truck from the rooftops until it makes a stop in an alleyway. Here, you must take out a group of enemies before you can open the door and free the captured women inside. After that, the mission is complete.



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