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Trish Reaches Out was the thirteenth story mission in Infamous. Trish put her trust in Cole and asked him to protect some medical supplies for her.


Here come the party crashers...
― Cole, upon starting the mission

Trish informed Cole about a crate of medical supplies that has been dropped near Fisherman's Wharf. She asked Cole to protect it until she could arrive and retrieve it. As he rushed over to the drop site, Cole was faced by groups of Reapers, who were determined to destroy the precious medical supplies.

The first appearance of a Gatling gun Reaper

Cole faced wave after wave of Reapers, armed with guns, RPGs, and miniguns, each wave attacking the medical crate from a different direction, and attacking Cole and the crate with the same ferocity. During the battle, Zeke phoned Cole with a business idea. Ignoring the fact that Cole was busy fighting, Zeke recommended that they name his electric powers and sell T-shirts. Before ending the call, he told Cole to give it some thought, mentioning how he is the brains, and Cole is the muscle.

Arrival of a Reaper turret truck

With no more distractions, Cole defeated the remaining Reapers and returned to the medical crate, only to be confronted by several turret trucks. Cole took on the three turret trucks that pulled into the alley, as well as the new Reaper troops that showed up. Once all the Reapers were defeated, Trish arrived to retrieve the supplies, and she thanked Cole for his help. Cole inquired if it meant they would be talking again, to which Trish assured him it was possible.


Upon starting the mission, make your way to the site where medical supplies were dropped, and prepare for a showdown with the Reapers, who will attack you and the crate from all sorts of directions. It is recommended that you stay near the medical crate, especially on hard difficulty. You should only leave the area to search for a hiding enemy.

The fight starts off pretty simple, with only two Reapers attacking, but more will soon arrive. If Cole's Lightning Bolts are not good enough defense alone, use his Shockwave ability as well. You should take down the troops on the ground level as quickly as you can. The shotgun-wielding Reapers can hammer Cole, so you should steer clear of them. You can see where the Reapers come in, being from the other side of the fence. They come in from the alley over there. You can have Cole toss Shock Grenades over the fence in an attempt to get multiple takedowns at once.

At this point, the fight begins to escalate. More Reapers will close in, and they will be accompanied by several Reaper bombers that you should try to take down as quickly as possible. Mow down the remaining Reapers until you are met with a Reaper wielding a Gatling gun, who will appear on the nearby rooftop. This guy can easily be disposed of by zapping him in the head via Precision mode, even before he begins firing. From the south, a few more basic Reapers approach, soon followed by two grenade-launching Reapers who appear from the opposite direction. Lightning Bolts, Shockwave, and Melee attacks will suffice. You will face a larger wave of Reapers who come in from the south once more. Among them is another Gatling gun-wielding Reaper. Target him first using Precision, and zap him in the head. Try to soften up the rest with Shockwave, then finish them off with Lightning Bolts.

Keep your eye on the south path, as a turret truck will soon drive in. You will need to act quickly to take this truck down, as two more will appear from the other alley. These trucks will eat up the medical crate really fast unless you are faster. At the back of these trucks is a Reaper manning a turret. You can either take him out using Precision, or you can attempt to blow the trucks up using a barrage of Lightning Bolts. You can also try to get a better vantage point by climbing up a building or hanging from the nearby zip line. You would then be able to toss a Shock Grenade down at your foe. After destroying the trucks, prepare for a bunch more Reapers. You can mow them down with Shock Grenades and some Lightning Bolts. One last turret truck appears. Use any methods necessary to take it down. After wiping out the remaining foes, the mission ends.



Infamous Walkthrough - Story Mission 13 - Trish Reaches Out

Behind the scenes[]

  • This story mission appears in the official demo version of Infamous.