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Turrets are weapons seen in the inFAMOUS series.


Polarity Wall 3

The turret is a powerful, stationary and reinforced machine-gun which is set up in many locations.The turrets are used by all gangs in many different missions. The enemy manning the turret is protected from most head on Lightning Bolt attacks by the metal guard. Other enemies will try to man the gun if the one initially manning it is taken down.

In inFamous the gun features a large metal guard with a slit in the middle. It has a wide, stationary base built up with sandbags and features a narrow band of steel that arcs over the guard to make a narrow box around the gun, for added protection.

The gun can sometimes be destroyed if Cole gets behind it: a context action prompt will appear if this is possible, and Cole will gain a small amount of experience for destroying it. Not all guns are flagged for this action prompt: it is not clear why this is.

In inFamous 2 the turret features a different design. It includes a similar machine-gun mounted to small wheeled split-trail base with two rounded metal guards mounted to either side of the gun to protect the user from head on attacks.


Polarity Wall4
  • Stay out of range, if possible, until you attack.
  • Watch for environment kills that are available, such as gas tanks (pictured here).
  • Shooting through the slit of the turret's shield with Precision can make for an easy kill.
  • A lucky lightning bolt can also fit between the shielding.
  • Polarity shield allows you to come up close, and if upgraded can quickly refill your energy with the hail of bullets hitting the shield.
  • If you are high enough, you can shoot over the turret bunker.
  • Also, if Cole is good he can shoot Megawatt Hammers over the turret and then redirect them into the enemy's back.
  • All explosive and chaining abilities are effective.
  • As Cole cannot use the turret, it is wise to destroy the turret to prevent other enemies from manning it.


  • The gun is a fictional "frankengun" combining parts of various heavy machine guns.
  • Sometimes, the game will not give the player the prompt to destroy a turret.