The U.S.S. Washington was a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier used by Moya Jones and DARPA as a base of operations during the Invasion of Empire City. It was used to house First Sons labs and technology acquired through their partnership with them, which they used to create several artificial military Conduits through experimenting with Cole MacGrath and Alden Tate's DNA, and weaponize Sasha's tar into gas grenades, as well as increase the tar's potency exponentially. It also contained fleets of drop planes, fighter jets, attack helicopters, tanks, Armored Personnel Carriers, and an army of special forces.

Location[edit | edit source]

During the Invasion of Empire City, the Washington has docked off the coast of Empire City's Steel Harbor. Requiring helicopters and boats to reach, and forcing Cole to use an electrically-enhanced jump in order to return to the mainland as the ship sank into the ocean.

History[edit | edit source]

The Washington first appears in the first issue of Infamous (comics), where Moya questions several scientists on the progress of the military Conduits' preparation. She then visits Alden Tate, stripped to his underwear and restrained to an operating table as he is being prepped for dissection. Despite the powerful tranquilizers being pumped into him, Alden fights through with it and levitates nearby tools with his telekinesis. After knocking him out, Moya leaves and tells the doctors to proceed with the operation, saying he's "sedated as he needs to be".

During issue two, Moya is seen prepping a group of spec-ops for a mission to capture Sasha, who has started to reform in Reapers in secret while she recovers from her torture at the hands of Kessler. After retrieving her, Sasha is taken below deck and hooked up to a device designed to drain the tar from her body. After a brief conversation, Moya activates the machine, telling Sasha goodbye as she screams in agony.

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