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Cole about to start an UGC Mission.

UGC Missions, or User-Generated Content, is a new feature in inFamous 2 and Festival of Blood, allowing the player to create additional missions and later share them with the community.[1]


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One of the option menus.

The Mission Creator lets the player create additional missions, where he/she can create a custom NPC-route, add objects, objectives and more. Players may also share their missions with the community, allowing other players to play them.[1]

The player can filter the UGC, or User-Generated-Content, making only certain missions show up at a time. UGC can be accessed at any time, during the game, and by playing the game the player will unlock new NPC:s, objects and more, to use in the Mission Creator. In Festival of Blood players are allowed the option to create Comic Scenes which, as the name suggests, are frame-by-frame scenes that are similar to pages of a comic book allowing customization of camera angles, character poses, speech balloons, and more.[1]


  • Cole can use the objects placer in the UCG mission creator as fast travel towards any custom waypoint.
  • You can use the Object Modifier to set Cole's health and energy to unlimited.
  • If you have infinite health, civilians will attack you in slow motion
  • In Infamous 2, when creating a cutscene in which Cole is attacking with the Amp, the AMP will be in his backpack, and Cole hands will be empty.
    • Also, If the militia uses any weapon other than the automatic, they will make the pose but without the weapon.
    • Other cutscene glitches occur when Cole is using his powers or something explodes right before the cutscene begins, the powers or explosions will show up in the cutscene.
  • In Festival of Blood, However, Cole will always hold the Stake. The glitch in Infamous 2 may occur because the cutscene tool was originally created for FoB.
  • Sometimes in Infamous 2, if one has a number of allies such as Rebels, and one is to leave the mission before it's completion, the allies you had will still be there and follow you. How to do this glitch or how this happens is unknown.



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