Cole about to shoot down a UAV.

An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (or UAV) was an AI drone technology used by the First Sons. It was programmed by Kessler to track down the whereabouts of the Ray Sphere.[1]



UAV's were car-sized, agile plane drones that the First Sons used for both espionage and attacking Cole MacGrath. They appeared to be about nine to eleven feet in length, and made a characteristic buzzing sound while active. When they were shot down, they would spew smoke and fly off in the direction they were going and crash.


Against the World 6

Cole destroys a UAV.

The behavior of a UAV was closely related to on what occasion they appear. The UAVs seen in "Spy Drones" were used to track the possible locations of the Ray Sphere, and thus, weren't armed. They would mostly just fly around in circles.

The UAVs featured in "Against the World" or the "El Train" side mission in the Historic District, however, were armed with target-seeking air-to-ground missiles. The missiles had about the same explosive radius as enemy grenades. The tracking UAVs took more shots to destroy than the AGM UAVs.


The player can easily take them down using Precision. If the UAV is close enough, they can also be taken down with any other attacks, as long as it's in range.

Spy drones 4

Cole with a downed UAV.

An alternative way of taking them down is if the player has Good Karma and has the Rocket Redirect upgrade for the Megawatt Hammer. The player can simply fire a Megawatt Hammer into the air, and then hit the UAV with Precision.

The missiles fired from the drones take a long curving path, but are still quite accurate so the player should stay sharp.


  • During the "Spy Drones" mission, Cole will have to take down four UAV's and steal their flight recorders.
  • During the "El Train" Side mission in the Historic District, an armed UAV will attack Cole about halfway through the mission.
  • The balloons in "Against the World" will be guarded by both an electromagnetic shield and a UAV.


  • During "Spy Drones," if one of the UAVs lands in the water, another one will be summoned.
  • If Cole destroys a UAV as it is traveling towards him, it is possible that the crashing UAV will hit him, causing damage.
  • The drones appear to be based on the real life MQ-9 Reaper Drone.


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