Yesterday, Empire City. Today, New Marais. Tomorrow, THE WORLD!
— Evil Cole should have said that!
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Hello, I have PS3 like all of you at this wiki. I think the Infamous series rocks because your hands are 1,000,000 Volt Tasers and you can use them on anyone, so if you're a good cop, you would taser the bad guys, but if you're a bad cop, you would taser a civilian because they assaulted you (throwing rocks, cussing on you). I have both Infamous games. This is my description on each game.

InFamous[edit | edit source]

When I first played this game, I discovered a glitch that works like this:

When you're running to Trish and Zeke at the other end of the f***ed up bridge, I ended up not triggeing the cutscene but instead, nothing happens. So I explored the Neon District for a while until I had to restart from the beginning.

So, let's get to the actual thing. So I liked how Cole was able to perform parkour, since you can't drive cars or swim like Grand Theft Auto. Although in my opinion, why couldn't Cole just ride his bike? His bike doesn't use fuel and he's a bike courier, so he must be an expert at riding bikes. So, the karma thing was awesome, just too bad you only see the same ending, but at least there were two different epilogues after the credits.

So, I got 83% trophy count on Infamous, which is close, but no cigar. I finished the game as both good and bad, unlocked all powers, found all Dead drop, but couldn't find all Blast Shards. FAIL!

So, my favourite district is the Warren because of the f****ing tower that Alden Tate made with his f*****ing mind, almost as cool as the RU Medic blowing the Abrams Tank with his f*****ing mind in the in this trailer. If anyone has a Battlefield game, then tell me in my talk page. (Although I wouldn't expect anyone here to do it because no one here has Battlefield at all.)

Okay, back to Infamous. So you got the tower made of crap, I mean trash. And you the awesome prison you can climb around on. In my opinion, Cole starts to look disgusting and having cancer when he gets bad karma, but that's me.

I give Infamous a 10/10! Skrew the reviewers!

InFamous 2[edit | edit source]

So after I graduated from my "school", I was obligated to get this game, days after it came out, as a reward for getting some "awards".

So, my opinion on this game is, it's 10/10 again! But instead of a Metacritic/Gamerankings score of 85% like the first game, it get 83%! WHAT!? I don't give any crap about camera issues or glitches (because they're awesome).

Let's go on with the game. I miss controlling the lightning storm with my controller! And why couldn't Cole make an ice bridge over water when he has ICE powers!? The Static Thrusters make the game feel faster and the Lightning Tether makes Cole like Tarzan or Indiana Jones or Spiderman, which is cool, but you can't hang on it, THAT SUCKS!

So this Blast Shard Sensor that you can unlock made finding Blast Shards easier. And guess what that got me?


I found all Blast Shards, all Dead Drops, unlocked and purchased all powers, made a level of my own and got both endings. Ooh Rah!

The Amp was a fun sword that made killing enemies fun and I got nothing else to say anymore.

Good day!

Festival of Blood[edit | edit source]

I got this game, and man is it great. It's short, but sweet. I'll give it a 10/10 (getting redundant, huh?). It seems Sucker Punch is trying to promote its UGC feature in the game by having them unlock rewards for you and how it's mandatory to finish two at least. Shadow Swarm is cool, it makes Cole not the underdog anymore. It's ending made me go "OMFG!", but I'm sure Cole can defend himself, as he has no time to be a vampire in his mission to kill the Beast. I feel sorry for Zeke on how he failed again to find true love. With Zeke without his glasses, I swear to God he needs prescription glasses as he looks weird. No Platinum Trophy here yet for me, but I'm about very close to getting it. I still don't get why the fuck vampires stole the Amp, but the Stake was very fun to use also. Later!

What I Am In This Wiki And Many Others[edit | edit source]

I made this section because there was no userbox for it and there might never ever be one. Yes I'm a "BADASS!", but I am also something else. Guess what I am with this riddle:

I am not a vampire.

I am not a conduit.

I am from the prehistoric times.

I am vicious and a carnivore at the same time.

I'M A DINOSAUR! (To be specific, I am more of a T-Rex.) As a dinosaur, I eat a ton of things that are meaty such as vampires, assassins, conduits, humans and the Beast (only in human form, but when he's eaten, the world is saved and Cole won't die). I like dinosaurs because Call of Duty doesn't have one they are cool and varied and just plain awesome.

Take Them For A Spin[edit | edit source]

This level is about getting a trophy called "Take Them For A Spin". You can find it at just a straight walk from the front door of the house where you rescue Kuo. It's named after a trophy you can get for destroying 6 cars with one Ionic Vortex. All you have to do is unleash an Ionic Vortex on the 6 cars in front of you and then the mission is complete.

Stress Reliever[edit | edit source]

My next level is called "Stress Reliever". It's located in the flight of steps in front of the stage with the Bertrand poster behind. Mainly, this level is the equivalent of a stress ball, but it's possibly much more fun.

Do you hate Bertrand? Are you also angry or stressed from a bad situation? Like getting bullied or getting an "F" on your test? Well no need to kill anybody! You can put all your anger out on this indestructible piece of shit with Bertrand on it! Use all your powers on it! Rockets are welcome! Grenade spam is not for noobs anymore! Put cars out of their misery! DO WHAT YOU CAN TO RELIEVE YOUR ANGER!

To end the mission, just collect the medkit to your right. Just be happy for once and let Bertrand have your pain and anger! Besides, you can kick his ass anyday!

Favourite Pics[edit | edit source]

They look cool. More to be added soon. PEACE!

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