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I am a big fan of the inFAMOUS series and have great experience with it and Wikia. I know lots about both so whatever you need me to do, come see me and I'll accomplish it. I'll accomplish wonders.'
— Chris6d regarding this wikia
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This user has obtained the Platinum Trophy for inFamous 2.
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inFAMOUS 2[edit | edit source]

inFAMOUS is my favorite video game series for PS3 (and PS4 counting InFAMOUS: Second Son). I actually got my first inFAMOUS game, inFAMOUS 2, in December 2013. It was then when I learned,

Yeah, OK... this game's epic...
— Chris6d realizing the power of inFAMOUS 2

and I beat it in less than a week. I remember I was originally evil and then Storm the Fort came, when I used the Power Transfer Device. I chose Ice, 'cause Ice looked cool, but little did I know I would switch karma, and become good. At first when I realized I wasn't bad anymore I was a little sad, but then realized:

Hey, this isn't so bad. I could get used to this.
— Chris6d after turning good

After I beat it the first time I played again, this time on hard. I beat the game and eventually obtained the platinum trophy in March 2014.

inFAMOUS 1[edit | edit source]

I realized the first inFAMOUS also existed, and that I was missing out on the story (since I loved inFAMOUS 2 but barely knew the whole story). I picked up the first inFAMOUS in GameStop for $4.99 and brought it home, and played it.

Beat that thang in a week.

Then I went back and played it on hard, and beat it.

By July, I had gotten the Platinum Trophy.

inFAMOUS: Second Son[edit | edit source]

In March 2014 InFAMOUS: Second Son came out, and I heard about it. I originally thought that it didn't look that good (graphics looked awesome but not so much gameplay). I thought that it didn't really look like an inFAMOUS game, in the style and feel of inFAMOUS 1 and 2 that we all know and love (and if you don't love it, whatcha doin' on this wiki?) Anyway, I didn't have the PS4 yet (maybe this was why) but for Christmas 2014 I got a PS4, with inFAMOUS Second Son. I immediately hooked it up in my room, put the sucka in, and played.

Let's just say it was extremely easy. I beat it on January 1, 2015.

Then I went back and beat it on hard. Platinum Trophy for the win!

inFAMOUS: First Light[edit | edit source]

When I heard about this I didn't run at the chance to get it. I actually didn't think it was worth it. But in January 2015 it was the PlayStation Plus free game of the month, so I thought why not? I downloaded it, played it, beat it, I thought it was meh.

Other Games[edit | edit source]

I enjoy playing other games too, like Watch_Dogs and GTA. I also like enjoying some Shattered, since I did develop that game.

Well, that's about it, thanks for reading (even if you didn't read it) and here are my final words: I am a big fan of the inFAMOUS series and have great experience with it and Wikia. I know lots about both so whatever you need me to do, come see me and I'll accomplish it. I'll accomplish wonders.

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