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Electric Tuna
Full Name: Xander James the IV
Alias/es: James, Tuna, Zappy, That Creepy Guy Across the Street
Affiliations: Reapers, First Sons, Assassins, Gungar Rebels
Location: Ireland
Occupation: Professional Playstation Nerd
Gender: Male
Abillities: Cyrokenesis, Shadowkenesis, Electrokenesis
Current Status: Badass Admin
Appears in: The amazing forest of pineapples, which is only accesible in your greatest dreams.
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About me:

I am a guy, born sometime in the decade of the 1990s and have been gaming since 1999, the name "Electric Tuna" comes from my love of inFamous and tunas... I am obsessed with the inFamous franchise and possibly almost every other Playstation series on the entire PS3 console, from Uncharted to Resistance I love nearly all of them. I am also single and have been for a long long time and I'm constantly bored, I can't seem to find anything to do with my time right now but sitting around and gloating in the fact that I have OFFICIALLY, YES, OFFICIALLY, CAUGHT. THEM. ALL. I am awesome. I also enjoy Doctor Who, I don't really mind that there's a 50 year old Scotsman playing him.

Somewhere, beyond this known realm is a place where I can afford a PS4 so I don't have to avoid wiki spoilers.

My thoughts on InFamous:

Fantastic series, I started the game back in December of 2010 and found out that it was the coolest thing ever. InFamous 2 was also great but I found it lacking in the plot department and the Karma sequences were not nearly as interesting as inFamous 1's.  And to conclude this thrilling article that I'm sure no one truly cares about, I shall now mention AGAIN that I have not played InFamous: Second Son.  So help me, I will seriously find and destroy you if you so much as utter something like that douchebag who ruined Bioshock InFinite for me.

InFamous 2: Festival of Blood does not interest me due to:

  1. I can't stand vampires.
  2. I can't stand non canon plots.
  3. Only evil Karma? Bull, I wanna be a good vampire and put blood into people instead of removing it.
  4. The plot is nothing like an InFamous game at all!
  5. It's like any other downloadable game, short, only 15 or 16 trophies and a waste of money.
  6. I really can't stand vampires.

Other then that, I still love InFamous and I can't wait to see what Sucker Punch has for us next. BRING IT ON, SONY!!!!

My games:

Originally I used to have a list of games I will/want to get.  Now I'm just gonna be generic and post my top ten- because you all clearly want to know.

  • 10: (Assassin's Creed II) Who would've thought a game about stealth that actually has a shitty stealth system would actually not be horrible at all?
  • 9: (Demon's Souls) The hardest, most frustrating video game I have ever played and for some reason, I just love the crap out of it.  While Dark Souls 1 and 2 are great games, the fact is that Demon's Souls came first, and due to that- it can still hold it's own against it's two spiritual succecsors.
  • 8: (Pokemon X/Y) Gamefreak never made a good looking Pokemon game aside from B/W/BW2/, and yet it then made a major leap over into the 3D era with fantastic results.  I still can't catch a Shiny Bannette.  And that's why it's only #8.  Because screw you Gamefreak for making shiny Pokemon so rare when they're only an alternate coloration!
  • 7: (Rayman Origins) I have not played Legends yet, but when I do I'll probably replace this with the new game.  Origins has way too many Teensie costumes and it feels kinda boring in the end, but it's so damn unique and fun to play that I give it a good spot in my top ten.  Good job, Ubi-Soft, good job.
  • 6: (Deus Ex: Human Revolutions) Okay, for one, yes I know the character animation is so horrible it's a sin; but that doesn't stop me from enjoying a game that should be focused more on how fun the gameplay is rather than the graphics.  The story is okay, but I really enjoy playing the actual game and upgrading.
  • 5: (LoZ: Majora's Mask) Ever played a game that had such a unique concept that that alone blew you away?  Well, this is it for me.  The graphics are terrible by today's standards but it's still a fun game with a seriously messed up story.  Nintendo, why have you not remade this for the 3DS yet?!
  • 4: (Batman: Arkham City) Once upon a time- Rocksteady decided to take an already good game and make it even better. Also, the boss fights aren't completely horrible in this one; so 9.5/10. 
  • 3: (Red Dead Redemption) You can ride a mule.
  • 2: (Psychonauts) Doublefine.  They are fine.  This is the most fun, inventine and enjoyable game I have ever played.  I'm still waiting for the sequel, DF, I'm not getting any younger. 

And now for the moment you've all been waiting for (not), the spectacular reveal of my all time favorite game iiiiissssss:

  • 1: (InFamous) WOW.  Was there ever any doubt?  The suprise ending alone rockets this to the top.  InFamous 2 has superior graphics and gameplay, but it doesn't hold a candle to the story or the amazing original.  InFamous is a great game, and is the reason I am user/admin here, and am now writing this list, just so I can praise InFamous some more.  Well that's it.  Now go away. 

An adventure of epic proportions

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