Name: Kai Dee
(But you can call me Katie)
Affiliations: Solo
Reapers (Willingly)
Occupations: Wiki Photographer
Being Cool
Being Sleepy
Gender: Female
Status: Alive n' Kickin'
Location: Taiwan
The 13th Hierarchical city of Kagutsuchi
The Park Bench
(All depending on the weather)
Appears in: Your dreams (Only occasionally)
Info box: War Clowns In a Box inc.

About meEdit

I don't always disagree with other people's opinions, as much as my username may lead you to believe, I don't know why I picked it really.. I was probably in a bad mood or something, lol.

Anyways, I really like the game InFAMOUS, I am almost obsessed with it at times! I really like the story, the gameplay, just about everything in it, but I especially like the factions and the characters in this game. I'll do my best to upload cool images and keep you guys updated, you'll just need to excuse my grammar sometimes(I'm learning!).

Oh, the display picture? That's just Taokaka, not a Reaper Conduit, but they both look really similar to each other, no? She's just cute and her personality is similar to mine, that's all.

Welp, thanks for visiting my page, and please, inform me on anything that I can improve on, or request pages that you want pictures for, just speak out in my talk page.

Have a good day <3

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My contributionsEdit

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