aka Kelan Simpson

  • I live in Northern Ireland
  • I was born on May 17
  • My occupation is Student, Silliness
  • I am (Questionably) Male
C'mon man, I got your back!
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This user comes from Ireland.
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This user is not one to be angered.

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This user has cleared inFamous 2 on Hard.

Quote sectionEdit

Personal quote of the moment

Well you ALREADY think I'm a noob, so it's safe to ask you.
— Seeking advice from Udi

User quote of the moment

I just placed a climbable tree horizontally, and I managed to get Cole to climb it! XD
— Alareiks

Favourite inFamous quote

This doesn't concern you fatman!
— Kessler

Favorite inFamous 2 quote

We're talkin' 'bout the three B's. That's Beer, Boobs... and mechanical Bulls.
— Zeke


Training to be a moderator under the watchful eye of Rayne and Alareiks, keep off the good side missions, they're mine!


This is Kelan Simpson, the Master of Incompetence speaking and you're on my user page. Take a seat, have some coffee, enjoy the scenery and have a chat on my talk page. So I'm an avid inFamous gamer (alongside DMC) and I'm very protective of my Hero edition sling bag. Touch it and i will cut you. I'll try to make myself useful here, promise, so don't shun me... So yes, I'm from Norn Iron (you aren't Northern Irish till you say it like that) and thats about all the facts that exist about me which I care to share, or remember.

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