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About meEdit

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  • Name: Cole Dylan L. (Yeah I know, pure coincidence. My name was what got me hooked on the franchise in the first place. Lol)
  • Age: 11 (I faked my birth year to keep hackers from tracing me)
  • Website:
  • Favorite inFamous Character: Cole MacGrath
  • My Quote: I like pie.

  • My current mood: Infuriated


I have been a wiki follower and contributer for quite some time now,not just on the Infamous wiki, but on multiple others. I decided to join this wiki after I Platinumed Infamous and Infamous 2, and I have also joined other wikis as well. I'm a newbie, so if I do something wrong, just let me know. Also, don't berate because of my name. I like all kinds of franchises. Also, sometimes I might use a different computer, so some comments and edits might be from me.

My favorite pagesEdit

  1. Ionic Storm
  2. Ionic Drain
  3. Lightning Bolt
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