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  • My occupation is Retired Mad Leader of a Wiki!
The gift of these powers will be my burden until the day I die...
This user is an administrator of the Infamous Wiki. Their purpose is to ensure that the wiki stays in perfect shape, and deal with any deviants who bear ill fate to the wiki.
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(Real) Name: Amanda
Location: UK
Affiliations: inFamous Wiki
Assassin's Creed Wiki

Mass Effect Wiki

Occupation: Bureaucrat
Gender: Female
Powers and abilities: Telekinesis
Weapon/s: The Amp
My Brain
Alias/es: putowtin
Skorms Boss
Specialty: Cocktail Making
This user is a Wiki Conduit, and has excelled where others have not.

This user comes from the United Kingdom.
Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom-1-

This user has obtained the Platinum Trophy for inFamous 2.
Infamous 2 Plat

This user has obtained the Platinum Trophy for inFamous.
Platinum trophy

This user is very awesome!

This user is an all around Good Guy, and will heal you free of charge.

This user made the ultimate decision of saving all of humanity.

This user is like Kessler, two steps ahead of everyone and manipulates time and events.

This user is a Vampire, and will drain your blood.

This user is a cop, and will make sure no criminals walk the streets.

This user likes Empire City, and supports them in their struggle.

This user likes New Marais, and supports them in their struggle.

This user utilizes the Amp, and can perform awesome stunts while doing a beat down.


I’m Putowtin/Skorms Boss!

(I need to settle on one nickname and stick with it!)

I have been editing wiki’s for some time, starting out at Wookiepedia before moving on to Assassin's Creed Wiki, where I had great fun working with some of the greatest wiki organizers out there. I then started working here, on the inFamous wiki, finding a great staff and articles I truly love working on, and I had the honor of being the wiki's Bureaucrat. I've now retired from the position of Evil Maniacal Overlo ... I mean Bureaucrat, but I’ll be watching you ... from a comfy chair with a glass of wine!

Inf2 FOB Cole

Still Cute!

I’m known as Putowtin on most websites, and spend most of my time on The Escapist (when I’m not here!)


When I first heard about inFamous, I sighed, and then went and bought a PS3. I have completed the game more times than is probably healthy! When I heard about inFamous 2 I rushed out and pre-ordered the game, comics and soundtrack.

Infamous2 easter egg1

Humm, sound's like the kinda movie I wanna see!

So far (I'm ashamed to admit) I haven't had much time to keep up with InFamous: Second Son and I won't be buying a PS4 for sometime, but I'm sure I'll catch up with Delsin at some point!


Other than inFamous, I’m a big fan of the Assassin’s Creed, Mass Effect and Saint's Row series, knowing too much about all three (I even have tattoo’s for all three!)

Cole goalie

Cole's trial for England goalie was going well!

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