aka Ya_Boi_Havoc

  • I live in Classified
  • I was born on September 10
  • My occupation is 2D and 3D Animator, Graphic Designer, Programmer
  • I am Male

About Yours TrulyEdit

General Information Edit

  • Affiliation: Reapers or Vermaak88
  • Favorite InFamous Character: Kessler or Cole MacGrath
  • Hobbies: Animator, Graphic Designer, Cartoonist
  • Karma: Overall Good
  • Allies: Kessler, Sasha, Reapers
  • Enemies: Dust Men, Cole MacGrath, First Sons, Police Departments of Empire City

Social Media Edit

Userboxes Edit

This user is a Reaper, and can do anything while wearing a very badass hoodie.

This user is a member of Vermaak 88, and can freeze you faster than you can blink.

This user has cleared inFamous.

This user has cleared inFamous 2.

This user made the ultimate decision of saving all of humanity.

This user goes by the name {{{XLord_Starkiller}}} on PlayStation Network, and is level {{{8}}}.
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This user likes Empire City, and supports them in their struggle.

This user is an all around Good Guy, and will heal you free of charge.

This user is like Kessler, two steps ahead of everyone and manipulates time and events.

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