Cole MacGrath was a former bike messenger living in Empire City. An adept at parkour and exploration, he received the power to channel and manipulate electricity after a catastrophic explosion that leveled six blocks. Now a Conduit, Cole MacGrath worked around mastering his power and was eventually able to utilize it properly. After the explosion, he was branded as a terrorist by almost everyone within the city.

Within Empire City, Cole uncovered the conspiracy on how he got his powers: The Ray Sphere, a powerful device designed to drain the energy off of civilians and redirect it to the holder, was the package that he was delivering that triggered the explosion. This delivery was ordered by Kessler, member of the secret organization The First Sons, and had Cole specifically chosen for the job.

Confronting Kessler about the delivery, Cole learned that all of the events that had happened was staged by Kessler himself to prepare him for the advent of The Beast, a powerful and destructive entity capable of destroying the world. With Kessler's dying message, Cole prepared for the coming of The Beast.

Some months after Kessler's death, Cole was approached by the NSA Agent Lucy Kuo, who had promised to help him better his powers to better fight the Beast, with the help of his associate Sebastian Wolfe. Accepting the offer, Cole was off and headed to New Marais, but just as he, Kuo, and his friend Zeke Dunbar were about to leave, The Beast arrives at Empire City.

Despite Cole's efforts to put down the Beast, which drained him of an adequate amount of his powers, the Beast lived, and destroyed Empire City completely. Now headed for New Marais with Kuo and Zeke, Cole prepared to take on the Beast with renewed conviction.


Before the Blast

Some years before the Blast, Cole and his best friend Zeke were practicing free-running at New Marais after the flood that devastated the city. With no police force to stop them, they were able to freely practice on the city's rooftops. Cole had dropped out of college to work as a bike messenger around Empire City, his reason being "just to piss off [Cole's] parents."

The Blast

As part of his work routine, Cole was to deliver a package at Empire City's Historic District.



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