One of the few complaints I have with the infamous series, is that while I love being able to pick whether I want to be a hero or villain, I've never been allowed to be an anti-hero. In fact, the karmic game I can think of that has a neutral route is Shadow the Hedgehog. I've always wanted to hover in that morally grey area, but the closest I've got is the evil path in infamous 2. I've even thought of a neutral ending for infamous 1:

Everythings been a blur since I got my powers. Too fast for me to decide what to do. Seems just yesterday I was I was going to work, thinking it was a normal day. I just don't know what to. I can't ask Zeke for help, he's still to ashamed to look me in the face. Seems the whole city is watching me, waiting for me to make a choice. Who's side am I on? If only I knew the answer.

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