I just watched the New Infamous 2 trailer which features a aparently evil side mission titled Forced Conduits and a good side mission titled Demons.

In Forced Conduits the Cybernetically augmented creatures that were seen as the guards for Kuo's cell during the Save Kuo mission where finally identified, The Ice Men who shares Kuo's ice powers and based on the title of Forced Conduits are also Conduits who were experimented on like Kuo. They Subsequently escape during the save Kuo Mission and are potently peeved at the citizens of New Marais and the Militia. Also based on this trailer the individual we previously identified as the "New Villain" is actually a higher calibur iceman much like the Golems of the Dustmen (ideals for renaming the new villain page is wanted please).

Also we have the second mission titled demons. This one features the Behemoth, a Corrupted of Godzilla like proportions which Cole only manages to barely take down in a massive boss fight.