"Learn to love the bomb, man!"

With the forums up and running all InFamous 3 discussions are now taking place over there!

A bit of my continuation of my previous blog post, appropriately if not bluntly titled "Well that Sucked...".

As those whom have read my previous blog post must know the good ending of InFamous 2 results in the death and possible resurection of Cole MacGrath. I write this post asking you one simple question. What Happens Next?

Does the government take Cole's and John's body's and Sebastians research and revive Cole and John as a living breathing super weapons?

Is InFamous 3 going to be a prequel focusing on the late Kessler instead of Cole, as he works to prepare his past self for his encounter with The Beast.

Or is the next game going to focus on entirely new Conduits who somehow survived the Ray Field Inhibitor (I:E clones created from deceased conduits).

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