Greetings patient inFAMOUS fans!

E3 is over.  Has been over for a few weeks.  But, hearing a report from someone who went to this year's E3 has given us new hope for the inFAMOUS franchise. 

According to them- they saw during the test phase for the moniters that several titles appeared, one of them was called "INF:Revenant" while a bolt of lightning flashed on the screen.  Now while this could be just a placeholder title, or maybe even something completely different, it's important to point out that the definition of "revenant" is: "Derived from the Latin word, reveniens, "returning".".

All of these are just too much of a coincidence to ignore, so it's safe to assume for now that the next title for the inFAMOUS franchise is "inFAMOUS: Revenant". 

Are you excited? Sceptical?  Both?  It's certainly something to think about until the announcement; which might be before 2016, sometime in winter.

We will post an update the instant we get another hint, until then-

Half as long, brothers.

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