Hey people out there, I'm back with another stupid question. Will there be anymore Infmous 2 DLC? I'm not talking about InFamous 2: Festival of Blood, I mean will there be anything else like the Kessler skin or bonus mini missions. I ave to say, the chances aren't so good...Let's take a trip through time, way back when there was only Infamous and nobody had even thought about infamous 2 yet. Back then, we waited TWO YEARS with anything but stupid pre-order Gigawatt Blades that I mostly forget I even have. So will Infamous 2 have to share the same fate? Will more DLC ever come our way? Will we keep making blog posts until we find out? Will I stop asking these questions?? The last one's easy-Probably not. Post comments if you find out anything or just have something you wanna say! Bye for now!!

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