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Hey there everyone! Since our great Wiki Conduit War Clown has been a little busy lately, he asked me to take his place temporarily for updating you guys on InFamous news! This post contains information on Festival of Blood, as well as how the wiki will be handling new content. Since this is my first news post, please bear with me.


On October 25th, InFamous 2: Festival of Blood released on PlayStation Network. Taking place in the city of New Marais, which has been dressed up for Pyre Night, Festival of Blood comes with all-new powers, such as the Shadow Swarm power, which lets Cole fly with the bats! FoB also comes with PlayStation Move support, so now you can truly experience InFamous gameplay like it is! FoB is $9.99, or $7.99 if you're a PlayStation Plus member. Get it soon!

On a side note, Brian Fleming from Sucker Punch Productions stated that PS Move support will come to InFamous 2 very soon!

Regarding the Wiki

Since FoB has released, new editors will most likely stumble onto the wiki and make some silly mistakes; Please be patient with them and try to help them out. If you are going to create a new page, please make sure you read the Manual of Style to make sure you understand it. Please make sure to put Spoiler templates on articles when necessary.

That's all from me. Good day.

01:23, October 27, 2011 (UTC)