• War Clown

    Hello! I am War Clown; a guy you may or may not know, but that's not really relevant right now. Today, I've come to ask you (whoever may still be here and is willing to respond to this message) if we should update our talk page system with the new wiki feature called Message Wall.

    To those unaware, this was a feature currently active on Uncharted Wiki, the Sly Cooper Wiki and some other wikis, that transforms the old talk page system into a new Facebook-like messaging system, complete with notifications. An example of the interface can be seen here (please pardon, Shrev). So if you're unfamiliar with the feature, try to look around and do your own review before voting.

    Anyway, poll time!

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  • War Clown

    Greetings men, women, and everyone in between. inFamous Wiki would just like to say:

    Happy Holidays to you all!

    Enjoy this festive season as much as humanly possible. Spend every precious moment with the people you love this yuletide season, and remember to thank those that have been part of your life this year. Commemorate those you hold dear, and treasure them and the time you've spent and will spend with them at all times.

    Season's greetings from inFamous Wiki. Have a good one, everybody! :D

    A personal message from the Bureaucrat

    People, I'm well aware of the fact that I've left this wiki deserted for some time now. I've been trying my best to maintain activity here, and I do hope that activity from me will rise once again, this coming new …

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  • War Clown

    Hey there! Got some news for you regarding iF2's UGC feature! Sucker Punch Productions has recently announced that they'll be holding a contest to see who can make a narrative mission based on Cole, done through UGC.

    "Think you’re an expert in creating missions in inFAMOUS 2? Now you’ve got a chance to prove it. Using the UGC tools in inFAMOUS 2, we’re challenging you to come up with a Narrative based mission that tells a unique Cole story; meaning you’ll need to apply the Narrative tag to your mission for it to be considered. The winning mission will have all the right stuff. Great Cole-centric story, all while happening within one mission (so no multiple part missions, i.e. Part 2, Part 3, etc). The level must be created after the announc…

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  • War Clown

    Hello there! Been a while since the last news post. Unfortunately, there's nothing new from the Festival of Blood so, I thought I'd keep things on the up and up with some little tidbits I found.

    inFamous Feet!
    As part of their promotion for the game, Sucker Punch Productions has collaborated with Puma to create these cool shoes!
    Sucker Punch has also made their own YouTube channel, where they've posted some old videos of inFamous and inFamous 2, and where they've said to also post their upcoming videos. So if you want to see the latest iF Videos or learn about the makings of inFamous, be sure to visit and subscribe to their channel!

    Take a look now!

    And that's all for now. Peace out!
    17:45, October 8, 2011 (UTC)

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  • War Clown

    Okay, to everyone editing on the wiki, I've got a message for you: Do NOT add infoboxes to the minor characters of inFamous. The information we have on them and the other page's lack of images is enough that these pages can't be deemed acceptable enough for an infobox addition. Characters like Jane, Lou, Roger Miller, Troy, Brandon Carey, and many others that are like them. Please, if you see any minor characters that have very little info, remove the infoboxes on them.

    And if all of you are gonna ask who is deemed a minor character, that, right now, is up for debate. Post those whom you feel is a minor character.

    Thank you for your cooperation, hope to hear from you soon. Out.

    12:11, September 19, 2011 (UTC)

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