....Have you played inFamous 2? If so, did you pay attention to the story at all? Almost all of that was stated multiple times in the game. Wolfe's intentions are unclear but Cole assumed the same intentions you did. But since dead men tell no tales, we'll probably never know if he even knew what it would do once it was activated since it's highly unlikely he could have tested it. Cole needing to absorb the blast cores to power the RFI was the primary plot of the game. Even without blast cores, Nix was a weaker conduit anyway since she was at the edge of the blast from the ray sphere Bertrand set off. Kuo was probably weaker too. The Ice Gang and the Corrupted weren't true conduits (if I'm remembering correctly), so they couldn't use it either. The only other conduits that could have probably used it are Bertrand (and I'm sure he was intending to, why else would he have wanted Wolfe back so bad?) and...well, John.

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